Farmers: Weather Allowing for Better Crops This Year

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- An abundance of crops were available at the Community Farmers' Market in Bowling Green on Saturday morning.

"The heat has come along at the right time, and everything is growing good," said James Manco, the owner of R&M Farm.

Local farmers said the weather has allowed for better growth than last year.

"It was cold and wet in the spring, and we had a late start, but this year has been a good year," Manco said.

They said each year brings a different challenge to them, but so far, this has been an easy one.

"We're just now starting to see some drought symptoms. So if we don't get some rain pretty soon, it could be worse," said Tracy Coleman, of the Coleman Brothers Farm.

They're hoping for the best.

"We just planted pumpkins, so if we don't get a rain, it'll be hard to get them up," Coleman said.

"As long as we can keep some rain once a week, or every 10 days get an inch of rain, it will keep us going," Manco said.

If that doesn't happen, irrigation is their back-up plan.

"You know, the water bills are more expensive. It's more work, but we can save the crops if we have to," Coleman said.

However, both farmers said they feel pretty optimistic about the remainder of the summer.

"The thing we're really excited about -- cantaloupes and sweet corn. The next couple weeks, we'll all have cantaloupes and sweet corn. So that's what we're waiting on," Coleman said.

Even the insects have been cooperating with them this year.

"Like most of the vendors here, we don't use a lot of insect spray. Everything is close to organic, and we try not to spray if we don't have to. So far, we've had a good year on insects. It's been low insects," Manco said.

The farmers encourage the community to visit the markets and farms in the area.

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