Filmmakers Search For Missing Weather Balloon

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Two independent filmmakers are asking for the public's help to find their missing weather balloon.

Jacob Adams and Galen Olmsted launched the balloon from Preston Miller Park last Friday. Their GPS tracking system failed, sending their three cameras up and away. The cameras were inside a styrofoam container with an orange parachute attached.

The filmmakers hope someone finds the balloon since the price to relaunch will quickly add up.

"Yeah. It was about $120 per camera. There were three cameras and yeah I would say the whole thing cost me about $800. So the next launch would cost me around 400 or 500. I wouldn't have as many cameras," says Jacob Adams.

Adams says the balloon could have traveled anywhere from 40 to 250 miles away. If you think you may have seen, or even found the balloon, you are asked to call 270-846-0415.

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