Fire Dues Increase Ordinance Passes First Reading

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County Fire Chiefs Association had been considering a proposal to Warren County Fiscal Court that would raise the county fire dues by $20. Today, that ordinance passed it's first reading by a vote of four to two.


One fire chief explains why the county departments are trying to raise the dues that were set in 2004.

"While income from the dues has increased about 14 percent since 2004 when they first went on the tax bills, inflation has gone up 22 percent. In addition, we've taken a fairly significant hit in contributions from the county as the county has had to trim it's budget," said Woodburn Fire Chief Bob Skipper.

The dues are optional and can be paid on the tax bill, but the ordinance must pass a second reading on July 26 before it can go into effect.

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