Fire Substation Could Impact Residents, Businesses

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Experts say a fire typically doubles itself every thirty seconds after about the first two minutes.

The City of Glasgow currently has two fire stations, which are located less than two miles apart.

"The location was good for the community at the time, but the growth that has happened over the last 40 years has now dictated that we start looking to make those stations a little bit better," Glasgow Fire Chief, Tony Atwood said.

Now, organizations in the community are working with the city to achieve that goal.

"Felker Brothers and Farmers Rural Electric who is willing to participate to help us find a way to get that third station here at a very low cost to the citizens of Glasgow," Mayor, Rhonda Trautman, said.

Mayor Trautman also says a substation is needed due to growth that has sparked.

"This is the area north of town where a lot of our industry is located, a lot of residential property, and also our airport," Trautman said.

Officials say residents in the area are alarmed.

"A lot of times in the north sector of town, it's documented that we've got 8, 9, 10 even 11 minute response times in that area," Atwood said.

In order to meet certain regulations, those response times need to be cut in half.

"The ISO and also N.F.P.A. regulations want you to bring that down to about a 4 minute response time," Atwood said.

Chief Atwood also says a quicker response would better serve the firefighters, as well as the residents.

"They have to endure less smoke, less heat, and less conditions. It's also safer for the occupants. The quicker we can get there, the greater chances we have to rescue them. That's our number one priority," Atwood said.

Now the city is working to make the necessary changes.

"Nothing is final until I get approval to move forward with the funding application, and then, the whole project will be pending on approval of that funding," Trautman said.

The Glasgow City Council Finance Committee voted unanimously to place an item on the agenda for Monday's regular council meeting.

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