Firefighter Turn in Uniform for Dresses in 10k Classic

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Hundreds ran in the Medical Center 10k Classic this morning for a good cause.

While some ran for the competition, others ran to make a statement.

You would never think men in dresses, would be preparing to run a race.

You also wouldn't expect these men to be members of the Bowling Green Fire Department.

"The two of us went to Goodwill and spent about an hour, picking out dresses and getting a lot of strange looks," Firefighter, Dustin Rockrohr says.

"We've had some interesting costumes this morning and that always adds a little more to the event. So, it's been a great day," says Medical Center 10k Classic Co-Director Joe Tinius.

"We just decided you know we were going to have some fun with the 10k this year. Last year we ran it in our turnout gear and this year we decided to do something a little different," Rockrohr said.

While the firefighters did stand out in the crowd this morning, their choice of attire means more than just a few laughs.

"We'll be wearing pink t-shirts for the rest of the month. We just got those in yesterday," Rockrohr said.

The 10k this morning was just the kick-off for the Bowling Green Fire Department to help raise awareness for breast cancer this month.

"It's for fun. We have a good time, but, it's worth the cause," Firefighter, Jacob Lee said.

As the race progressed, the group of cross-dressed firefighters were separated.

"I hated to run off and leave them other ladies, but I was just running ahead and keep a path clear for them," Firefighter Billy Menhardt said after his run.

But, the rest of the rest of pack would soon follow, and finish strong.

"We're a little hot, a little tired. Wore out in spots I'm not usually wore out in," Lee said, "I think we made everybody's day, which was nice. You can go out and run a race any day, but at least now they're smiling about it."

And they got the attention they were expecting.

More than 2500 people participated in the Medical Center 10k Classic this morning.

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