Firework Sales Increase Significantly

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Skylite Fireworks spokesperson, Amy Burge, says she has seen an increase in firework sales compared to previous years. She says two important factors affecting sales are: the fourth falling on a Friday and this year's forecast.

"For the past two years, mother nature hasn't been very good to us. Of course, there was the drought a couple of years ago, and last year we had flash-flooding. So far this year, especially today, it's looking very good. A lot of families are celebrating this year and it is translating into more sales."

Amy says throughout the day, the store has had a steady flow of traffic, but customers increased significantly as the day went on. One of the hottest commodities is new this year.

"We have a 500 gram cake called "Awareness." It's a pink box and it shoots sixteen pink effects into the sky. It's new this year and a potion of the proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation."

But no matter which fireworks you choose, the same safety measures should be considered.

Woodburn Fire Department Chief, Bob Skipper, says his department will have anywhere between 12 and 20 volunteers on standby, but there are many preventative steps you can take.

"For safety, they should not let children use the fireworks unsupervised. They should always be handled by adults. Keep some water nearby incase a fire does get started. Never hold them in your hands to shoot them off and always treat them with respect."

In the case of an emergency, you are asked to dial 911.

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