Firework Stand Still Profitable Despite Rain

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Rain may have dampened some Fourth of July celebrations but one local firework stand says the overcast skies didn't negatively affect their business.

Bobby Rose at TNT Fireworks Tent, on the corner of Campbell Lane and Russellville Road, says despite the rain they have remained crowded since the Fourth of July and throughout the weekend.

He added that business may have been a little better if it wasn't raining but they were more lucrative than this time last year during the drought.

"Well it's probably slowed it down some because people didn't want to get out in the rain and they were thinking it's raining so much we can't fire them off anyway, but we stayed steady. People did get out and come. We've got very little left, so we sold pretty good and it didn't hold us up very much," he says.

Rose said they will continue selling fireworks throughout the day and close around 10 P.M.

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