Fireworks Stands Hoping for Final Profit

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Most fireworks have been launched now that the 4th of July has come and gone, but some fireworks stands are staying open into the week hoping sales will bring in more customers and more profit.

"I do construction," said Ryan Zeller.

"I'm a massage therapist by trade," said Elizabeth Willyard.

However, this week they've been running fireworks stands around town.

Both selling for the first time, but already developing advertising strategies.

"We'll pop off a couple of our canister rounds, and three or four cars roll in," Willyard said.

It's all about location, and it's harder work than you might think.

"Last night I got three hours worth of sleep," Zeller said.

It's fast money and worth the sweat.

"Percentage wise, I think it's anywhere from six to eight percent, depending on how much money my boss put down on it up front, for each tent. I think I'll make about $1,200 or so for running it for the week," Zeller said.

Most stands already shut down, but they're staying open for customers still wanting to celebrate.

"We didn't get to do anything, so I'm here buying a big box so we can celebrate the 4th of July," said Nathan Shelton, buying fireworks Sunday.

"They're cheaper now. So the better deals is when I like to buy them," said Tyler Hudson, also buying fireworks.

It means more bang for the customer's buck, and less work when the tent shuts down.

"Obviously, we're still trying to do business and make a profit off it, but also we've got a truck coming in and anything that's open -- kind of hard to repackage," Willyard said.

She said the head company comes down to collect any remaining fireworks, and as for the workers, they'll go back to their usual jobs when the last firework is packed away.

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