First "Black Friday" Shopper Sets up Camp Wednesday Morning

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After your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, you may be planning to shop the Black Friday sales.

But, all across the country people were lining up Wednesday to get the best deals.

While it's only Wednesday, Black Friday shoppers are already preparing to get their best deal, and Best Buy right here in Bowling Green got its first shopper at 10 this morning.

"I will try to rough it out and be here all day," said Jose Garcia, a Black Friday shopping expert. For six years, he's set up camp the day before Thanksgiving.

"The first year, I did it was because my sister was in college, and I wanted to get her a good laptop, and when you see that $800 laptop all year around and they mark it down to $400. A deal like that you better be one of the top fifteen in line or else you most likely won't get it," Garcia says.

He says the first few years he was always the first person in line, but three years into it, someone else set up camp before him.

"I decided just for jokes, I wanted my title back, and I decided I wanted to show up at 10 o'clock this morning on Wednesday," he says.

Black Friday shopping is something Jose has down to a science.

"You have your aps. They'll tell you last minute deals, and with a lot more people doing Black Friday, a lot of stores have started price matching," Jose says.

The shopping experts agree.

"You can go online and there's few resource that we have available to look at all of your sales ads at once online," says Elisabeth Fielder-Hix with the Kentucky Savings Group, "Know what you're going to buy before you go out shopping on Black Friday, and the biggest thing on breaking a budget is impulse buying."

Shoppers and couponers alike agree that it's technology that helps you find the best deal this year, and here are some helpful black Friday websites:

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