First Candidate Interview, Robin Baldwin, City Commission Candidate

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We begin a series of interviews, with the candidates for Bowling Green City Commission.

We'll go in alphabetical order, starting with city commission candidate, Robin Baldwin, who believes government leaders should be good stewards of their constituents' money.

"You know, we've got social issues, too, but again I think city government is not about social issues or those kind of things. I think city government's about first and foremost the taxpayers' dollars," says Baldwin.

"You know, are we being responsible with those taxpayer dollars? Are we dispersing them in the right way? What can we do to save money? What can we do to keep from taxing the Bowling Green citizens that are taxed quite heavily right now already?"

Robin also tells us what she thinks of the perception, that the city commission is just a "good ol' boys and girls club."

"It's not about what I feel or what I know. It is about what the voters need to find out for themselves. They need to ask questions. I would say first start with your city commissioners and ask them how they feel about that. And then I would start asking people who work in city hall. And then start asking people who are small business owners and even corporate businesses here in Bowling Green. Get a feel from what they think and then they'll get to the truth sooner or later to what really is going on here in Bowling Green and Warren County."

Stay tuned to WBKO to hear from all the candidates.