UPDATED: First Corvette Pulled Out of the Sinkhole

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UPDATED 7:00 PM (3/3/14) -- The past few weeks the staff at the National Corvette Museum has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Monday morning that ride hit one of its peaks. The first of eight cars was removed from the giant sinkhole that swallowed the Corvettes on February 12. Once the 2009 ZR1 was safe above ground, officials put it to the test.

"We're going to fire it up," said one spectator.

That's right. The battered car started and drove the few hundred feet to its temporary display one room over.

"It's already in place out at the museum as is, for people to take a look at. Come on out and see the first one out of the hole," said Scott, Murphy, & Daniel CEO, Michael Murphy.

Cheers echoed throughout the walls of the facility but the celebration was short lived. It was back to work about an hour later. This time the car meant for extraction was turned upside down. Officials rigged it up similar to the first car and the result was the same a successful removal.

Tuesday marks a tougher task as construction officials eye the third car to be taken out.

"It looks like there's some concrete up against it that will have to be removed at about the same time the car is moved," said National Corvette Museum Executive Director, Wendell Strode.

That slab weighs 10 tons and could cause major stability issues inside the sinkhole if not handled properly.

Officials at the Corvette Museum said at least one car is still buried beneath the rubble and they haven't seen it since the hole collapsed. However, right now their focus is getting one car out at a time.

The ZR-1 is in fairly good shape, minus a few scrapes and cracks to the wind shield.

The second car extracted, the ruby red 40th anniversary car, suffered more extensive damage. For that reason officials said they didn't try to start the car.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The recovery of eight classic cars swallowed by a huge sinkhole has begun at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

The first car was pulled out of the giant hole Monday by a crane at the Bowling Green museum.

Cheers went up when the engine of the 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil was cranked up and the prize vehicle was driven a few feet.

Museum Katie Frassinelli says workers hope to recover a second vehicle -- a 1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette -- later Monday.

About 100 people watched the recovery work.

She says workers hope to recover a third car Tuesday. The other cars won't be pulled out until workers further stabilize the sinkhole -- which could take two or three weeks.

Chevrolet will oversee restoration of the cars at a Michigan plant.

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