First Time Voters Prepare To Cast Their Ballot

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With just hours until the polls open candidates across the country are making their last efforts to rally support. With it being a presidential election college voters play a key role at the polls.

Many are voting for the first time and say this could be a make or break year for their future.

"My financial aid is on the line so therefore without financial aid I am probably not going to be able to come to college," says sophomore Ashleigh Foster.

"Retirement plans definitely because things that are set in place right now for my retirement i'll have zero dollars for my retirement right now," says freshman Brianna Phillips.

Students continue to think ahead. Ashleigh Foster may only be a sophomore but is already concerned about joining the "real world".

"There is a lot of students who graduate and then they have a degree but they don't have any jobs," says Foster.

Senior Curtis Spratte-Lennington says the economy still has his vote up in the air.

"Both candidates have a good idea but I just don't think those ideas are strong enough or good enough to ensure a good stable economy," says Spratte-Lennington.

Although first time voters all students agree no matter who wins it's key to get out and vote.

"It represents the very idea of our democratic system that has been around for what over 200 years now," says Spratte-Lennington.

"It is a great honor and privilege to not only live here but to be born here, to be born with all those rights, to be ushered in to all the wonderful things we are available to," says Phillips.

"It's going to be a tough election and there is going to be drastic changes with whoever gets in office so please please please vote like your life depends on it," says Foster.

WKU has no class on election day. Many students say they will be using that time to go out and vote.

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