First Week Of Sequestration, What Does It Mean Locally?

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The first full week of sequestration cuts are in effect. An official "fact sheet" released from The White House says cuts to education will come to Kentucky.

For Bowling Green Independent Schools that could mean less teachers next school year.

"We will have to look at some personnel as it relates to our title one programs in our schools that qualify for those federal funds," says Superintendent Joe Tinius.

Cuts could also come to students with disabilities. Tinius says no matter where cuts are made they impact every child in the classroom.

"It's very frustrating when we have to consider cutting personnel that are delivering valuable services to students. At the end of the day the end result is fewer adults available to work with children," says Tinius.

Schools aren't the only ones feeling the sequestration pain, health care is also taking a hit.

The Medical Center says cuts to medicare will happen April 1.

"It's significant, between 40% and 50% of our business, some providers more, but we just have to take a look at each of our entities and make an assessment. We are still in the process of doing that," says Michele Lawless, Director of Reimbursement.

Lawless says top notch health care remains a priority. Although the cuts are discouraging she says they didn't come as a surprise.

"I don't think anyone thought they would fail to enact legislation but it is something that's been on our radar for quite some time," says Lawless.

The Medical Center says medicare cuts could add up to $2.5 million annually.

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