Floating Restaurant Breaks Free On Ohio River

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COVINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- A floating restaurant broke free from its moorings on the Kentucky shoreline of the Ohio River and floated freely before being recaptured after more than an hour.

WATERFRONT METRO The Waterfront restaurant in Covington that broke loose from it's mooring Friday Night, C&E Marine has a tug holding it in place . March 12, 2011 The Enquirer/ Tony Jones

Kenton County Communications Director Ed Butler says Jeff Ruby's Waterfront left live wires and a gas leak when it unexpectedly pulled away from the Covington shoreline just after 11 a.m. EST Thursday. No injuries were reported.

Butler says the restaurant came to rest against the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, where tug boats retrieved it.

The breakaway marks the second time in three years the Waterfront has floated freely on the Ohio River.

In March 2011, the floating restaurant broke free from its dock and drifted about 100 feet downriver with 83 people on board.

All of the patrons were safely rescued from the restaurant in that incident.

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