Florist Delivers Flowers and Smiles on Valentine's Day

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Adam Gary began making his deliveries for Deemer Floral Shop at around 7 a.m., and will probably keep making them until five or six today.

"I was up at Western this morning. That was my area, so fighting parking, fighting crowds, fighting class changes, so it's difficult to get in and out and find the places sometimes, but it's generally worth it. Everybody's happy to see you. Flowers are a good thing, a happy thing... and it's fun to make somebody's day," said Deemer Floral Shop Seasonal Delivery Driver Adam Gary.

One member of the Financial Aid staff was amazed by the large vase of flowers Gary placed on her desk.

"I've never had flowers this big. It's amazing. They're beautiful," said WKU Financial Aid's Amanda Tinsley.

Though they were delivered on Valentine's Day, these flowers aren't what you'd expect, and for Tinsley, they carry a more special meaning.

"These are actually thank you flowers from my family because we've been going through alot lately and I've been trying to help my family out as much as possible and this is just their way of thanking me for that, and I'm very appreciative for them," said Tinsley.

Another member of the staff at WKU was shocked to have flowers delivered to her office for another reason.

"I was not expecting flowers. My husband works here, so I figured if I got flowers from him, they'd be at home, and it turns out they are from my family, who lives in Massachusetts. Hi dad! Hi Andrew and Nancy! Thank you so much for the flowers," said WKU Assistant Professor of Philosophy Audrey Anton.

The "thank you" shout-outs just kept coming from loved ones.

"These are from my husband Bob Hayes, and he's the best husband in the world," said Mrs. Hayes.

Gary continued delivering more and more flowers and smiles to dorms, offices and cafeterias! The shop manager at Deemer's says they had to order more than 38,000 red roses alone for the arrangements that ordered for Valentine's Day.

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