Flu Season Hits

Now with two confirmed cases in the Commonwealth and health officials encouraging you to get a shot, they also want you to keep an eye out for the symptoms.

The Barren River Health Department says those symptoms include fever, chills, runny nose, coughing, and more.

They say it's hard to predict whether a flu season will be bad, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tries to help develop a vaccine annually to fight the worst strains of the flu.

"The CDC and the manufacturer of the vaccine, there is research done to develop which strains they feel should be included in the vaccine each year," said Registered Nurse, Lana McChesney.

Along with getting a vaccination, the health department recommends proper hand washing, staying home if you're sick and covering your cough.

If you'd like to see about getting a flu shot, go to the health department or your doctor.

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