Flu Cases Among Children On The Rise

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The flu season is hitting hard. According to the Barren River District Health Department the flu is now widespread in Kentucky. This season could be one of the worst especially for children.

"Last year was not much at all and so we were kinda expecting a bad year because it is usually every 3 to 4 years but so far, at least the numbers I have seen from the CDC, show it's going to be one of the top ones in the last decade," says Dr. Debra Sowell.

The lines at Graves Gilbert Health Clinic are long, keeping nurses and doctors busy. With school back in session after holiday break Dr. Sowell has seen the number of sick kids on the rise.

"After about two days and they were back in it really started hitting here Thursday and Friday of last week and its been very consistent since that time," says Dr. Sowell.

The Warren County School District has seen some kids with flu like symptoms, but nurses say it hasn't hit "crisis mode" yet.

"It may be really bad at one school for a few days and as those students get healthy and are able to return it may hit in another part of the district. But overall our average daily attendance has been about the same it was before winter break," says District Health Coordinator Grecia Wilson

To prevent a further outbreak kids are being encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. If parents want more protection, like a flu shot, they may have to do a little searching.

"It's really not too late for a flu shot if you can find them. The only shots we have in our office are for children that are less than three," says Dr. Sowell.

As always doctors say if you or your child has flu like symptoms the best advice is to stay home and call your physician.

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