Food Labels Will Change This Year

Some big changes may be coming to your Supermarket aisle this year, that may potentially make healthy eating decisions even easier.

Current food labels are a little outdated, more than twenty years old and the FDA says it's time for a makeover. It announced recently that an update to the labels will come at some point this year.

The labels will likely become easier to read and use, the exact changes are not clear yet.

Some groups are asking for more emphasis to be placed on calorie and sugar counts. Others are calling for bolder and larger text sizes for the ingredients list. And most everyone seems to agree that there should be less need for math. like when you look at serving size and calories per serving and have to calculate this for each meal.

Whatever the changes end up being, they could have a big potential to help Americans eat even healthier. Some studies have found that people who take the time to read food labels end up making better food choices.

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