Local Food Pantry Shortages

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Local food pantries are experiencing major shortages and they need your help.

At the Salvation Army, the wall where food boxes are usually stacked high and prepared to go out each day is nearly empty.

"This is an uprising issue, not just the Salvation army, but other community partnerships are also having this problem, because the more that we serve, the more that it becomes a problem," said Salvation Army Housing Manager, Heather Gordon.

The Salvation Army is serving more and more people each year. Their soup kitchen served 43,000 people last year, and that number has almost doubled this year.

"So with that being said, we go through so much more food than we used to. We've also seen a 12 percent increase in our food box program," said Gordon.

Those boxes provide families with days worth of meals that you can help provide with food donations.

"We're just asking people to drop off here at Salvation Army, and we're actually open 24-7 so anytime. And if there's a large pickup, we can actually come pick it up," said AmeriCorps Member Rhonda Avery.

Food banks are looking for non-perishable food items like cereal, canned meat and fruit, and even peanut butter.

"We have plenty of green beans and corn and normal canned vegetables, but the out of the ordinary things that you would think of is the things we need the most," said Gordon.

The Salvation Army isn't alone in that need.

"We gave out over 10,000 food items this past quarter, and it's important that people donate," said Cinda Painter, Hotel Inc.

Painter says if HOTEL INC. has to buy more food, it takes away from funding for their other programs like rent and utility assistance.

You can drop off non-perishable food items at the Salvation Army on 400 West Main Ave. or at HOTEL INC. on 1005 Boatlanding Rd. in Bowling Green.

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