Food Stamp Challenge Humbles Participants

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-- "I can go through the Drive-Thru and easily spend $6, $7, $8 on a meal and a soft drink. It's a big change to $1.40 a meal." said Elisabeth Fielder-Hix.

It's not a new fad diet. It's a challenge. People across the country are taking part in the Food Stamp Challenge where they try to eat on dollar amounts similar to those provided by the nation's SNAP program.

"It really brings me back down to a place of being real. I'm very spoiled." added a humble Fielder-Hix.

She's currently on day two of the challenge, and showed us the adjustments she had to make while at the grocery. She's living on a weekly budget of just $30.

"I really tried to work their ten items and get $5 off."

She's says she planned meals, as well as what she would need ahead of time; but it took little time inside the grocery to see that her plans would have to change.

"I realized very quickly that I didn't have the money for those items."

The point of the challenge is to experience what many in our area go through every week. Plenty of mouths to feed, but a shortage of cash.
Services like the Family Enrichment Center in Bowling Green say that's why the SNAP program is so important. It helps provide stability to struggling families.

"You're not talking about going to buy cigarettes. They need food to live, they need food to feed their children." commented Director of Programs, Lynn Hulsey

According to CNN, the most recent cut to the snap program took $36 a month from a family of four, and more cuts are still possible barring Congressional approval. That means those who are struggling, may have a bigger obstacle to climb.

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