Food for Fines at Warren County Public Library

Were you late in returning your book or DVD to the library? Do you owe a fine? If so, the Warren County Public Library will take canned or boxed food in lieu of your payment.

Each non-perishable, non-expired, canned or boxed item is equal to a $1.00 fine. Collection starts December 1 and ends December 30.

"Food for Fines is a great program that benefits everyone involved,” says Regina Holland, Public Services Manager. “Patrons can get fines removed from their accounts by donating non-perishable food items, and the food goes to worthy causes.

This year the recipients will be the Salvation Army and HOTEL, Inc."

If you do not owe a fine, but would still like to donate food, please visit any library location. For more information, call 781-4882 or visit

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