Former Bowling Green Doctor Fund Construction to Give a Family a Home

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A former Bowling Green doctor, and the Bowling Green Rotary Club are helping give a family a home.

Dr. Raja Kara of Louisville started practicing medicine in Bowling Green in 1977.

When he sold his clinic, he wanted to give back to Bowling Green.

Dr. Kara donated $40,000 for the Rotary Club to give to the Habitat for Humanity to provide a refugee family of six with a home.

"I served the community and the community has been a source of blessing to me. And it was very fitting for me to give some of the money I obtained when I sold the dialysis clinic back to the community so that somebody could benefit," Dr. Kara says.

Not only did the rotary club donate the money Dr. Kara gave them to Habitat for Humanity, they will also be helping with the construction of the home starting march second.

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