Former Bowling Green Resident is in the Dark After Sandy

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It's been nearly a week since Hurricane Sandy wrecked much of the Northeast.

Several areas of New York are still without power, running water, and even food.

Bowling Green residents with family in the Northeast are worried how Sandy's destruction has affected their loved ones.

"You're always worried about your kids as long as you're a mother it doesn't matter how old they are. He may be 32, but I am still concerned about him, but very very thankful that he was safe," Marylynn Griffin says.

Robert Griffin has lived in New York's the East Village for five years, and has been living without power for five days.

"I have it luckier than so many of my co-workers. I, at least, have hot running water in my apartment whereas many people don't have running water nor do they have electricity. I don't have electricity either," Robert says, "I was having dinner with my roommates and we'd seen some pictures on Facebook of our street that was absolutely flooded so we ran downstairs to see exactly what it looked like, and there was water halfway up to a tire on a car."

Just hours later, the flooding and downed power lines plunged the East Village into darkness.

"The difficulty in the building would be walking up and down a stairwell that's completely dark," Robert says.

And while he knows he has it bad, he says others have it worse.

"You hear about how bad it is. They love to focus on Manhattan. The people in Hoboken, New Jersey, and out in Queens, and the Jersey Shore, I hope they're giving them enough attention because we in Manhattan have it a lot better off than they do," Robert says.

Our local Red Cross volunteers are in Queens today providing water and food to those in need.

And the Warren Southern Baptist Association is heading to Long Island tonight.

"Everything that we send, or everything that is going is either going to be helping those in need or helping those who are going to provide to meet the need," says Living Hope Baptist Church Pastor Jason Pettus.

The Southern Baptist Association is making the trip with a trailer full of donations without knowing where they will sleep tonight.

They say it's most important to help out where they are needed.

If you would like to help, you can donate money to the Red Cross just text "Red Cross" to 90999.

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