Four Campbellsville Firefighters Injured After #icebucketchallenge

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CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky (WBKO) -- “We're kind of numb to it because we do it every day, until it becomes one of your own," said Chris Wilson, Campbellsville Volunteer Firefighter.

What started as an exciting charitable event, ended in injuries and anxiety.

Campbellsville Fire Department assisted in an #icebucketchallenge, at Campbellsville University, sending two firefighters up in the bucket of an aerial ladder truck. Around eleven o'clock this morning, sixteen year veteran Captain Tony Grider and part-time firefighter Simon Quinn dumped ice water over Campbellsville University Band members.

Officials say moments after the event ended, the firefighters were struck with approximately 65,000 volts of energy, but it was not because the truck or bucket hit any source of the power line.

In fact, authorities say the bucket was in the process of moving in its travel position to come down, when the line's energy released shocks, creating an electric arc. This is when the two men were struck.

On the ground, two more firefighters assumed control of the bucket, attempting to lower it to the ground. These two men, eleven year veteran Captain Steve Marrs and three year veteran firefighter Alex Johnson were also shocked by the extreme voltage traveling down the ladder.

All four fire fighters were rushed to Taylor Regional Hospital. Marrs and Johnson were released, however Grider and Quinn were flown to University of Louisville Medical Center Burn Unit.

Police Chief, Tim Hazlette spoke one behalf of Campbellsville Fire Chief, who was at the hospital with employees and family members. This afternoon's press conference revealed great sadness from the Campbellsville community.

"I would hope that we would keep our head up. I hope that we would remember our two brothers and continue to do what we've been called it do. Because it is truly a calling," said Chris Wilson, Campbellsville Volunteer Firefighter.

A prayer vigil was held on Campbellsville University's campus this evening, remembering all four emergency responders.

Officials confirm no students were injured during this tragic event. Authorities also say the #icebucketchallenge video will be used as a source during the ongoing investigation. The incident remains under investigation by the Campbellsville Police, Kentucky Fire Commission, U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration and Kentucky Utilities Company.

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