Franklin Gas Prices Under Three Dollars

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If you've been driving around Franklin in the past few day, you've probably seen a drop in gas prices.

A few weeks ago WBKO asked in a poll question if you thought you would ever see gas prices under three dollars again. Eighty-five percent said no. However, a gas station in Franklin now has it for $2.91.

While drivers aren't sure the price will stay that low, they're happy to see it right now.

"Last two or three days it's gone down fast," said one driver, Bob Cocklin.

He was at the Minit Mart on Harding Road.

One driver passed when the gas station had it for $2.94 this morning.

"So when I saw it dropped down even three more cents, I thought, 'I'll stop and fill up,'" said Lois Haney, another driver.

She usually pays about $45 to fill up. Today, she paid about $35.

"What I do, I've been putting 20-25 at a time, because I figured it'd go down. So I thought I'd go ahead and fill up today, because I don't know how long it'll last," Cocklin said.

"I think it's about $80 to fill this up. But I mean, you got to have it. I mean, if you ain't going to have it, you're not going to go anywhere. And if you're not going to go anywhere, you're not going to make any money," said another driver, Bill Belveal.

He said he filled up with about $40 today.

The MAPCO and T-MART on N. Main St. also have gas under three dollars.

Some people said it should always be that price.

"We shouldn't be celebrating this. It should be normal," Belveal said.

Those at Minit Mart's corporate office said they wouldn't talk about gas prices and why Franklin's are dropping.

However, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said several things are factors when it comes to gas prices. The cost of crude oil, refining costs and profits, distribution and marketing costs and profits, as well as taxes, all play into what you're paying at the pump.

The Minit Mart in Bowling Green has gas at $3.21 per gallon -- which is what's listed as the national average, even though it's 30 cents more than what it is at Franklin's Minit Mart.

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