Franklin to Receive Three Packaged Liquor Stores

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Franklin voted last July to allow the sale of package liquor, and they will soon have three liquor stores.

Liquor Sales

City officials say Franklin has been ready for alcohol sales for years.

"We were losing revenue to nearly every community around us. Let's be honest. People are buying alcohol. Why not buy it here," said Franklin City Commissioner Mason Barnes.

In just a few months, they will be able to, and officials say the revenue it will generate will be just as good for the city as it will be for each business.

"We have to find a way to create or things to take place for us to compete around the state... to recruit jobs, whether it be a small company or a large company," said Franklin City Commissioner Wendell Stewart.

Now they will have three new small companies, and one of the owners says every job counts.

"It will be opportunities for people to have a paycheck," said Thoroughbred Spirits Owner Emma Jean Kirby.

Kirby says it will also be an opportunity to help local producers.

"'The name is Thoroughbred Spirits and that kind of tells what we want to get across. We're going to try to have some Kentucky items," said Kirby.

Officials expect the three new stores to raise about $250,000 in revenue, which could help taxpayers too.

"We do expect nice revenue, and it will relieve us from any talk about taxes hopefully," said Franklin Mayor Ronnie Clark.

Clark says the city has needs that have to be funded, and liquor may be part of the answer for now.

The city commissioners also voted to allow the three new stores, Thoroughbred Spirits, Exit Two Liquors and Shenanigans to sale package liquor seven days a week. They say this follows the same schedule for sales of liquor by the drink, which was passed in 2004.

Once the stores are completed they will have to pass a final inspection by the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

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