Fraternity House Knocked Down For Parking

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Great news for WKU, more parking is coming to campus.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house has been knocked down to make space.

As one of the oldest fraternities on campus, Pi Kappa Alpha continues to grow with the rest of the WKU student body.

As a student in the 1990's, Adam Rider lived in this fraternity house.

Now, as WKU's Assistant Direct for Annual Giving he is working for the university to help knock the house down.

"It is kind of bittersweet. I lived here. A lot of us who came through the chapter lived here for a number of years," he says.

As the walls of the Pi Kappa Alpha house came down this afternoon. WKU continues to work toward a much-need expansion.

"It allows to extend the parking lot for faculty and staff and students alike," Rider says.

"There's rarely spots available unless you get here early in the morning or it's really late in the afternoon. There will sometimes be people waiting around the corner just actually waiting for people to pull away," graduate student, Marietta Byerline says.

Students say, the parking problem is something that's been here for a while.

The demolition will bring the Chestnut St. parking lot several extra spaces.

"I started here in 1992 and parking was an issue then, and it's always been an issue since. With the tremendous growth of the university finding a land that's adjacent to the university to extend our footprint, whether it be parking or new buildings, is always important to consider," Rider says.

Pike will soon call Greek Row on Center St. home.

"As we continue to grow down Center Street towards downtown, there will be much more connection to Downtown Bowling Green from the campus and from the student body," Rider says.

Greek Row is an expansion project the University has been working on since the 1980's.

The construction on the new Pi Kappa Alpha house is expected to be done by July 2013.

It is expected to be about 7,500 square feet and will house 14 men.

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