Free Clinic Helps Those in Need

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While your health should be a priority in a struggling economy affording health and dental insurance can be difficult.

But the Commonwealth Health Free Clinic, here in Bowling Green, provides relief for those who are underserved.

"If the free clinic did not exist I would not even be healthy enough to go to college or to maintain a job so to say that it is life altering is not an exaggeration,"says Bobby Payne, a patient.

Bobby Payne is a freshman at WKU and when he was diagnosed with diabetes and unable to afford health insurance he had no place to turn, until, the Free Clinic helped him in his journey to becoming healthy.

"Being diagnosed with diabetes myself you know it was strange and scary at first because I knew nothing about it and coming here my expectations were really just medication but they gave me so much more than that,"says Payne.

While the Free Clinic provides relief for those who are not able to afford health insurance the Dental Clinic charges each patient based on their income.

"There is a big need in the Warren County area. We serve 10 counties and we work on a sliding scale to provide basic dental services, cleanings, fillings, simple extractions,"says Dr. Michael Hubbard, a Dentist at the Clinic.

And for one patient who has been coming to the Dental Clinic for 7 years the results have put a smile on her face.

"I would to have done lost several teeth. They saved my teeth for me,"says Janice Reed, a patient.

"To keep your mouth in good shape is a very important aspect of total body health,"says Hubbard.

Bobby and Janice are two of 92,000 people who have used the clinic.

"Having a job but not having insurance I'm not left out in the cold with no medication,"says Payne.

And their key to success...

"We are driven by need but we are passionate and care about the patients,"says Hubbard.

"You're going to get a doctor that cares about you as a person not just a statistic,"says Payne.

"I would say this come to them because if I hadn't I don't know where I would be at today,"says Reed.