Free Thanksgiving Meals Across Our Area

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The kitchen was cooking and the Franklin family was hard at work. For the 4th year the 11 member family will again host a free Thanksgiving feast for anyone and everyone. The idea came as an inspiration from their mother.

"Our mother never turned anybody down for a meal and so she would always cooked," says Ernest Franklin.

"We always had so much food and my mom always said we waste all of this food and it was my sister's idea that we should feed the community with this food," says Regina Wood.

Local community members have donated 30 turkeys, 17 hams and all the trimmings so the meal can remain free. Ernest Franklin says Thanksgiving is about coming together no matter who you are.

"It doesn't matter how much money you have or if you don't have any money. If you don't have anybody to celebrate Thanksgiving with that money doesn't mean anything," says Franklin.

"A lot of people do come in and they make a lot of friends that day," says Wood.

Doors open at 11 Thanksgiving morning at the Ralph Bunche Community Center. The Franklin's say there will be more than enough food to go around and they hope it stays that way for Thanksgivings to come.

"If we continue to get the donations and volunteers we will go as long as we can," says Ernest Franklin.

As for the cooking, the family doesn't stress, all that matters is the quality time they spend together.

Here is a complete list of places offering Thanksgiving meals in our area:

Bowling Green
The Red, White and Blue cafe
Trinity Full Gospel Baptist Church
The First Christian Church
The State Street United Methodist Church
Cottage Chapel Church

The Ralph Bunche Community Center

Cave city
Cave City United Methodist Church

New Harvest Baptist Church

Stevenson Elementary School

The First Baptist Church.

"Feast on the Word" Outreach Ministries

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