UPDATE-Brown's Friends Say He Is A Caring Individual

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There are still many unanswered questions as to why Tommy Brown allegedly shot Brandon Bradshaw on Tuesday in Bowling Green.

Close friends of Brown say the man they know would never intentionally hurt someone.

"Shocked, I was shocked because this is not the man I know,"says Walter York, as he described the moment he found out Brown allegedly shot Bradshaw.

On York's desk sits a picture of him and Brown during their days as co-workers at BGMU, as friends of 20 years York describes the man he calls extended family.

"Tommy is a very caring individual he always wanted to be a public servant, he was a coach in little league, has three children and a beautiful wife of thirty years. He just projects service,"says York.

Co-workers say Brown was never aggressive.

"He worked in customer service which is a very tough position, through the years I never saw him step out of bounds,"says Terry Carter, who also worked with Brown at BGMU.

It was in this parking lot of Michelle's Consignment on 31W Bypass that the lives of Brown and Bradshaw would collide and there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the events that took place, but Brown's Attorney says it was self-defense.

"I'm aware of the facts and this is a case of self defense,"says Alan Simpson, Brown's Attorney.

"They're saying my friend Mr. Brown did this horrific things but there was some reason he did it,"says York.

"People have talked about seeing Tommy beside the truck after shots were fired but the critical thing is what happened ten minutes before,"says Carter.

York says they are praying for both families.

"This is a horrific thing that happened between two good men, it was just bad timing,"says York.

A prayer vigil will be held for Brandon Bradshaw tomorrow at Circus Square Park at 7p.m.

Friends of Bradshaw say he is still in critical condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

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