Friends Remember the Two Men Who Died in Accident

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WARREN CO., Ky. (WBKO) -- Two men died and one woman was flown to the hospital after an accident in Warren County.

The Sheriff's Office says the accident happened just after three Saturday morning.

23-year-old Jonathan Elmore and 20-year-old Craig Armstrong were trying to cross Porter Pike from Petty Road.

That's when another car crashed into the side of theirs.

Police say both of them died on the scene.

"They were both really great guys and their lives were definitely cut way too short," said Amanda Curtis, who knew both the men.

John and Craig were crossing Porter Pike when another car slammed into them, taking their lives and leaving the friends they knew from Warren East High School devastated.

"I want to just text him and talk to him, and I know I'm not going to get a reply," said Jessica May, Craig's friend.

"I broke down. I've known Craig for a good seven years now, and we had a lot of memories together," said Brandon Ramey, who was also Craig's friend.

Amanda says Craig had sent a text message to her just a couple hours before he died in the crash.

"I didn't respond in time, because by the time I responded, that's when I saw the whole news feed blow up with all the support," she said.

Jessica had seen him earlier that night.

"You wouldn't think just a couple hours later that would happen," she said.

Brandon says he hadn't seen Craig as often since graduating in 2012, and he regrets that now.

"I was supposed to actually hang out with him this Thursday. We had made plans to hang out," he said.

Now the friends are trying to focus on the good times they did have -- which they say is the only way to cope.

"We shaved our heads into mohawks and a lot of us colored them. It was just one of those fun times, you know. A lot of people looked at it as a stupid idea, but we looked at it as we were in high school. You live. You learn," Brandon remembered.

"For John, the best memory would probably be band and all the games, because he was so supportive, even after he graduated," Amanda said.

"Probably riding around town, acting crazy and just talking about everything. He was one of those people you could tell anything to," Jessica said.

The accident is still under investigation. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor.

The driver of the other car, 46-year-old Linda Cowles, was flown to the hospital after the accident.

The Sheriff's Office says today she was released from the hospital.

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