Friends Remember Lisa Pennington

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It's impossible to sum up someone's life using only words.

Today co-workers of Lisa Pennington tried their best as they described their friend.

When Steve Harralson first got a phone call telling him his co-worker and friend Lisa Pennington might have been killed in a car wreck, he refused to believe it.

"I tried to reason away everything I could to say, no this kind of thing doesn't happen to people we know and work with, you know, it just doesn't so you try to reason it away," he said.

Unfortunately it was his friend.

Pennington's Jeep Cherokee crashed head first with a dump truck at about 10 a.m. yesterday morning on Kentucky Highway 101.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

David Matthews says what he remembers most is how much she loved her kids.

"I would like for all the kids to know how much she loved them. How proud she was of them. How much she talked about them. She enjoyed going to sports with them, going to the movies, doing the things that you do with your kids," he said.

Harralson recalls the last time he spoke with her and what he would have said had he known it was going to be the last time they talked.

"The last time I talked to her was the morning before on the telephone and she was actually calling me to warn me our sales director was coming my way to kind of check out our store and I better have everything in ship shape. You know if I would have known or could have known I would have just told her how proud I was just to work with her, you know how much the team really loves her and we probably don't say that enough to one another," he said.

Matthews would have said the same thing

"I would say it's been a pleasure working with her and we loved her and still do," he said.

She is survived by her lifelong companion of more than 24 years Cedric Gumm and their three children.

Visitation is from 5-9 p-m tomorrow at the Lovers Lane Chapel of JC Kirby and Son Funeral Home.

The funeral will be held Friday morning at 11.

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