Farmers Please With Crops, Worry About Late Season Frost

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SCOTTSVILLE / BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - Warm temperatures have local fruit crops blooming right on schedule, but as the mercury has dropped the concern for damaging frost has gone up.

"It gets serious because grapes and other kinds of fruiting plants they put out their fruiting parts pretty early," says Ralph Jenkins.

The vines at Kentucky Hilltop Vineyards have plenty of green but a late season frost could wipe away the growth. While damage is a concern for all farmers, Ralph Jenkins says his grapes are especially vulnerable.

"In the case of a vineyard it gets even worse because if that has to re-grow the re-growth comes from parts of the vine that may not make a bloom so if it does frost tonight that will be pretty serious," says Jenkins.

What concerns farmers like Ralph Jenkins the most is there are plenty of buds and leaves already on his grape vines.

Other farmers say they aren't worried about the frost because the location of their crops.

"We're not as concerned by a frost because we have less frost up on top of this hill then you do in low areas, but as long as the temperature stays above 32 then we are pretty comfortable," says Bill Jackson of Jackson's Orchard.

Jackson's Orchard has a variety of apples trees that have bloomed. While they aren't concerned, Bill Jackson says this most recent dip in temperatures is rare.

"This year is kinda late. Normally by the time we get to the 20th of April we've got that past us but this year has been cooler and very different," says Jackson

Jackson says the stress of mother nature's inconsistency hasn't phased him yet. It's all part of being a farmer.

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