Frozen Friday: Morning Ice Makes For Big Mess

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It's a sound plenty of us woke up to Friday morning. The scraping of car windows. Freezing rain made a sheet of ice on just about everything, including roads. Many drivers were caught off guard with accidents just about everywhere.

"There were numerous and various locations around the county. It will probably be a day or two before we can get a good tabulation of all the reports," says Ronnie Pearson, Director of Warren County Emergency Management.

Emergency Management has been tracking the ice situation for days. They say road crews tried their best to keep ahead of the storm, but at times the freezing rain was relentless.

"Everybody was up on it in preparation for it. I think the pre-treatment of the roads actually started about two days ago so even thought it is slick out there, there was a lot of man hours put in," says Pearson.

What caught most people by surprise Friday morning was that it was not just rain falling. What actually happened was the rain fell and immediately froze on contact with any surface. A thick layer of ice was visible for as far as the eye could see.

"That black ice. The roads look like their fine and they are not. You're going to go over an overpass," says Randy Huff from Southside Towing.

That ice is what had Southside Towing all hands on deck Friday. Many of their drivers had an early start.

"We've been out since about 3 o'clock this morning. We've been from Morgantown to Bowling Green," says driver Richard Luther.

One location they were trying to reach all day was interstate 65. Calls for help went unanswered because even tow trucks couldn't get through.

"Until they open that back up we can't get up there. We've probably received 30 or 35 calls up in that area alone," says Huff.

Southside says they plan to stay busy well into Friday night.

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