GM Assembly Plant to Hire Temporary Employees

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The Bowling Green General Motors Assembly Plant is currently planning for the newest Corvette model, and the new car will require more employees.

"I've got probably close to 150 people who report to work here everyday whose only job it is to work on the next generation car," GM plant manager Dave Tatman says.

Tatman says the new Corvette is expected to be in high demand, which means they need more workers on the assembly line.

"Primarily, in the first half of 2013 we'll be adding both full-time employees and temporary workers in that period of time," he says.

Full-time employees will be hired from within the company, but temporary workers will be hired from the South Central Kentucky area.

"We're still working through all the final numbers. They will be based on timing and when do we want them in and how many we want, but it will be in the neighborhood of about a 100-150 full-time workers and about the equivalent number of temporary workers," Tatman says.

The temporary employees will be needed anywhere from 4-18 months.

Tatman says the plant will close for about a week while they change over from the old corvette to the next-generation.

"There might be some time where we have some temporary lay-offs but it will be measured in days, not in weeks," he says.

Tatman says no one will lose their job during this process.

In fact, that's when he's expecting to train the additional employees to assemble the next-generation Corvette.

New employees will earn $15.50.

In order to apply, you must be referred by a current plant employee.

You will then be put into a pool of applicants from that referral.

You can also apply at the Downtown Bowling Green Unemployment Office.

The application deadline is Friday, Nov. 30.

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