Gas Petition Makes It To Attorney General's Office

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When a group of residents in Bowling Green decided to start a petition related to gas prices in the area, they knew the easy part would be getting the signatures. However, they knew the difficult part would be delivering those signatures to the Attorney General's Office. Wednesday, they did just that.

"We've received the petition and as I told the folks from Bowling Green, we'll certainly be looking over that information that they've compiled. We'll see if we need to forward any additional data to the Federal Trade Commission." said Attorney General's Office Communications Director, Allison Martin.

Though the group didn't have an appointment Jack Conway's Office held an audience with them and allowed their case to be presented.

"People are aware now that our voices can be heard. We exercised our first amendment rights. The right to petition. We felt like hopefully we represent them (the people of Bowling Green) and they'll (the Attorney General's Office) now do something." remarked petition starter, Edward R. Caston Sr.

Conway's Office says many throughout the commonwealth have expressed concerns and that they are looking into what may be a possible monopoly.

"We think the issue is that there is one wholesale supplier of gasoline in Kentucky that supplies and can set the wholesale price of gas in communities." Martin said.

The Attorney General's Office believes that wholesaler is Marathon and the problem began with a company merger. They say when General Conway asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the issue their first request was turned down.

"We're not going to quit. We still have names coming in. If they keep coming in, even online we're happy." remarked a pleased Caston Sr.

The Attorney General's Office says now that there's a new Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, they're hopeful the investigation will be reopened. That investigation will include the Bowling Green Area.

A link to the gas petition is listed below.

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