Gatton Academy Named Number One High School

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Number one-- it's something that one Kentucky high school is celebrating.

"Students from Kentucky can stand shoulder to shoulder with any student in the United States. We've known that, but we finally get to prove it," says Tom Gott, director of the Gatton Academy here in Bowling Green.

"Newsweek" named the Gatton Academy for Mathematics and Science "America's Number One High School".

It's something Director Tom Gott says, allows students to go above and beyond the high school curriculum.

"To give them the opportunity to get into those areas of responsibility, leadership, academic rigor-- it's just the right path for these students."

And it may be a high school that's known for it's academic excellence, but the students say they're just like everyone else.

"You apply here your sophomore year and then if your get accepted you complete your junior and senior year of high school here, but at the same time your earning credit toward your freshman and sophomore year of college," says student Dixa Patel, 17.

Patel was one of 60 applicants chosen for the academy statewide.

She says her transfer from Davies County High School was not that difficult.

"It was just really nice. I felt like I achieved something in life. I felt like I had done something good," Patel says.

Students are still able to do the activities that interest them.

"I'm in orchestra Tuesday and Thursday nights," Gatton student, Kathleen Bell, 17, says.

However, she has a schedule that requires more than what any other Kentucky high school asks for.

"I do research so that involves going off campus and doing some field work," Bell says.

For these students, taking college courses and doing more work is just a normal school day, but it's that same thing that makes them "America's Number One High School."

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