Gatton Academy is America's Best High School for Second Year in a Row

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For the second year in a row, The Gatton Academy has been named America's Best High School by Newsweek.

And Director Tim Gott says it shows Kentucky's students are the best of the best.

"Our work has been worth it and that we can celebrate and promote again some of the finest students in the world, who happen to be from Kentucky," Gott says.

The Gatton Academy is a magnet school for math and science.

It's one of fifteen schools nationwide of its kind, being a state-funded school where students live and take classes on the WKU campus.

"I think that such a ranking shows that Kentucky students can learn at whatever level they are given the opportunity to," says Gatton Academy Executive Director, Dr. Julia Roberts.

Greenwood High School ranked 1,435th and Bowling Green High School also made the list at 1,675th.

The list named 2,000 schools nationwide.

This is the first national honor for Greenwood.

"Our kids and our teachers, I think, have accepted responsibility for putting in a good faith effort everyday, and helping prepare our kids. And historically, Greenwood has been a fairly strong academic school and I think we just want to continue to build on that," says Greenwood High School Principal Greg Dunn.

2007 was the first time Newsweek recognized Bowling Green High School, and they have been on the list for six of the last seven years.

"From the time our students walk in as freshman until the time they leave, our teachers and our parents, we all have a common goal and our goal is to be as successful as possible in high school, so that when they leave, be it going to a four-year university, a two-year university, the workforce or the military, they are ready to be successful," says Bowling Green High School Principal Gary Fields.

The Gatton Academy recognizes both school's accomplishments.

While Gatton Academy students take college courses, other high schools are doing different things to advance education.

"What they are doing in their schools are amazing, and they have different situations different circumstances, not every school is a magnet school, and yet they are doing amazing things," Gott says.

Each school agrees, Warren County has become a great place for any student to get a good education.

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