Glasgow Highland Games Celebrate Heritage

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BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Many got a taste of Scotland in their own backyard today.

It's the 28th year for the Glasgow Highland Games in Barren County.

It's an event that's introduced people to Scottish heritage for years.

Celtic music and bagpipes were playing throughout the day.

Traditional Scottish food was served -- including haggis -- which many people were brave enough to try.

"In the old days, the English took all the good meat away from the Scots -- all they had was leftovers and organ meats and things like that. It really sounded nasty, but now they use good meat in it and it's just really tasty," explained John Brafford from South Carolina.

Of course, there were the games, including battle ax competitions and the caber toss.

"We actually have more than Scotland does, so the heritage is pretty big around here," said Tim Young, who's from Tennessee and has gone to the games for almost two decades.

It's also a time clans come together from not just Kentucky, but all over the country to others connected to their family roots.

"You can track back to your Scottish roots and your Scottish ancestors somewhere. You've got them and we can help you find them here," said Bobby Lee Hurt, the vice president of the games.

If you discover your clan, you can buy a kilt to show it off.

"All the tartans, they all represent a name and a clan -- like this is Clan Wallace is what I'm wearing. You'll see all the different colors of tartan -- it's wool," Young said.

The games don't just introduce Americans to Celtic history. It also introduces people to our community.

"We've actually had people move here that come for the Highland Games and they saw what a nice community it was and come back and they live here now. And great tourism dollars -- brings lots of tourism dollars in. It's just a wonderful event for the entire community and always has been and always will be," Hurt said.

He said the crowd today was exactly what the organizers anticipated.

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