Glasgow Officials Pleased with ISO Rating

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Glasgow Fire Department has spent the last couple years making changes.

"Trucks you've got, what trucks respond, how many people respond, the equipment that's on the trucks. We've really been doing a lot of things -- the training, what areas of training you should be training in," said Tony Atwood, chief of the Glasgow Fire Department.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) looks at those factors when rating fire departments.

Glasgow's was a Class 4, and now it's a Class 2.

"ISO classes all fire departments in the nation from one to ten. Ten being no fire department to one being the best in the nation. Our number two puts us in that one percent out of about 49,000 fire departments in the nation," Atwood said.

It's one of just 750 fire departments in the nation with a Class 2 ISO rating and one of 15 in Kentucky.

"It's also a good reflection on their cooperation with other entities in the community, including the water company and our 911 dispatch, which were also included in this rating. It's really impressive when you can see these agencies working together for the good of the community," said Mayor Rhonda Trautman.

That jump in rating is also good for Glasgow citizens and their wallets, as insurance companies look at those ratings.

"The citizens are, one, able to benefit from that two because of the insurance savings, but also realize the fire department here in Glasgow is really striving to be better -- to be better prepared, to do a better job, and to service this area hopefully better than we ever have in the past," Atwood said.

Some are critical of ISO ratings because re-evaluations aren't required over time.

However, Atwood said his department will always strive for the best.

"I don't want it to be a stopping point. I want this to be a catalyst to make us a better department as a whole."

Atwood said the Class 2 rating happened sooner than he expected.

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