Glasgow PD One Step Closer To New Home

Police Squad Car Lights
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The current facility that houses the police department in Glasgow has seen many changes over the years, but the building is anything but modern.

"The downstairs squad room has no heat, so in the winter time it's really cold down there unless we have a bunch of space heaters going down there. Or it is really, really hot in the summer time." stated Chief Guy Turcotte.

That's why the city has been searching for a new building to house the agency that could use the extra space.

"We've had other buildings that have come available. People have said this would make a nice police department. Sometimes we've actually had studies done to see what we could do with the building. We found that a lot of times they're not conveniently located, or they're just too expensive for us to do that." added Mayor of Glasgow, Rhonda Trautman.

Well, it looks like the city may have finally found the perfect facility and its not too far away. The city council voted Monday, in a closed session, to lease the building that currently holds VCI Venture Contracting, with an option to purchase.

"We think having this building, where it is literally move in ready, we'll be able to have a much more accessible building for the public. We are also picking up additional parking which is critical. Our current building has no parking. We actually park in other peoples' parking lots." said Mayor Trautman.

"It's something for the officers to look forward to. To come into a place where they know they have a secure area, where they can do their work and not have to worry about being interrupted or some of the other situations we have in the older building." said Chief Turcotte.

The new building is 1,000 square feet larger than the old building. Police say the new upgrade along with the little bit of extra space will go a long way.

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