Glasgow Police Department Moves Into New Facility

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The Glasgow Police Department has been in its current office for decades. Some say it's out of date and inconvenient to many, but it will soon be replaced as the department moves into a new home.

Commitment, courage and character are three words found posted on the entry to the new building when the city first considered purchasing it for the police department.

"When we obtained the building, I begged the owner to please let me keep them. I want to keep them right where they're at, so we can show the public this is what all of our officers stand for," said Glasgow Police Chief Guy Turcotte.

Venture contracting, the previous owner, left those pictures as a reminder of the department's mission, something one official says the chief has shown through his employees.

"He's developed that within the walls of the Glasgow police department with our personnel, police officers everybody that works there. Now this is just another extension, this building," said Glasgow Police Public Affairs Officer Julie Anne Williams.

The mayor says this is a much needed move that will help not only the department, but the people it serves.

"The department has pretty much moved alot of their operations to the basement. It's not handicapped accessible. It's got poor ventilation. We had offices that don't even have heating and cooling," said Glasgow Mayor Rhonda Trautman.

Trautman says the new location and space will be convenient and leave room for growth within, with unfinished space to be used in future projects, and they're cutting costs anywhere they can.

"I've been painting and taking care of door locks and stuff to that effect. Barren County Jail has offered to let us use some of their inmates to move alot of our furniture," said Chief Turcotte.

Another new feature is a parking lot. Chief Turcotte says he plans to ask area schools to help paint a mural on this empty wall outside so they can leave their mark too.

The department is making last minute changes to the building and will be transitioning into their new building this week.
They hope to be operating from their new home by next week.

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