UPDATE: Glasgow Police Keeping Discipline Top Priority After Officer Incidents

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- UPDATE: 7/17/14 4:20 PM

Glasgow Police say on Tuesday, Sgt. Jarrod Steele was placed on Administrative Leave without pay by Chief Turcotte with the approval of Mayor Trautman, following allegations of violating an active Domestic Violence Order against him.

Chief Guy Turcotte said while the recent news of alleged domestic violence by the officers is frustrating, just like anyone else, they are innocent until proven guilty.

"An officer is not found guilty just because he's an officer. He has the same rights and privileges as our citizens do."

Chief Turcotte has been forced to place two officers on administrative leave in a little more than a month due to separate domestic violence incidents.

Sergeant Jarrod Steele had a two year domestic violence order issued against him a few weeks ago. He's now back at work, but has restrictions. He's not allowed to carry a gun when off-duty and has to turn in his weapon every night before leaving.

In another incident, Officer Howard Garrison was arrested for a domestic violence assault charge at the end of May.

"The officer that was arrested for domestic violence is on paid administrative leave pending his court hearing this month," added Turcotte.

Mayor Rhonda Trautman said she's frustrated by the situation in part, because the actions of the officers, but also due to strict laws in place for situations involving police officers; Specifically KRS 95.450 and KRS 15.520.

"We do hold them to higher standards but we also have laws that protect officers, which outline how we can discipline officers and how we cannot discipline officers," said Trautman.

Chief Turcotte said he's looking into domestic violence training, not only for the officers in their personal lives, but to also make them aware of the domestic violence problem in the area.

"The officers are under a microscope and everybody has a cell phone camera. You're probably going to be videotaped. Do the right thing all the time."

Training may not be the only thing on the table in the future, Trautman says she expects the standard operating procedures to be updated at the police department. If approved the change would mean anytime an employee is charged with a DVO, they'll automatically be recommended for termination.

"That I expect to be coming up on the next council for recommendation and approval hopefully."

Turcotte said no final decision will be made about Garrison's future with the force until the case plays out in the court system. If he is ultimately recommended for termination, the final decision would be up to a city council vote.

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