Glasgow Rated Among Safest Cities

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- "Yeah, I feel really safe. It's pretty quiet around here," one local resident said.

Glasgow, KY, is one of Kentucky's safest cities, according to the national real estate blog:

"It is a community oriented city. We have a lot of active civic groups, churches, and community groups that are working with kids," Mayor Trautman said.

Movoto started with U.S. Census data in towns with populations of 10,000 or more. They then factored in crime data, including: murder, rape, robbery, assault and theft. Then, they calculated crime rates based on crimes per 100,000 residents. Finally, they weighted the rankings so that murders, violent crimes and property crimes each accounted for 30% of the overall score.

"I know we have some crime here; I know we do. But I still believe that there's a lot of good people in Glasgow," resident Melinda Beard said.

Mayor Trautman says she was pleased with the ranking and credits the local police department for the work that they do.

"Well, with the police program, my officers are out there patrolling. They're out there looking for crime instead of waiting for a call to come in because we would rather stop a crime before it happens than to investigate it because then we have a victim.

Mayor Trautman also says this honor could have a big impact on incoming businesses and industries.

"So, by us being able to say we are a safe city, that will help us, I think, with some of our recruitment," Trautman said.

The police Chief says he and his department will be working to move Glasgow up the list.

"We ranked number six in Kentucky and that's great. That's what we're looking for but we won't be happy until we are number one."

Glasgow was the only city in our region to rank among the top 10.

Coming in at number one is the City of Lawrenceburg, followed by Fort Thomas.

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