Glasgow and Barren County Officials Discuss 911 Dispatch Concerns

Glasgow and Barren County officials met today to talk about an outdated agreement related to their 911 center and dispatching.

County law enforcement and emergency services felt as if they were being overlooked.

"They felt like they weren't getting calls that should have been given to them in a timely manner," said Barren County Judge/Executive Davie Greer.

City officials said they were a little taken aback by what was said about dispatchers putting county calls on the back burner.

"It was just rumor. We were actually pretty disturbed by that, because the call center is not run that way," said Glasgow City Councilman Harold Armstrong.

Nonetheless, both sides agreed something needed to be done.

The current agreement they go by is about 20 years old and is outdated.

"At the time of our interlocal agreement we had four dispatchers. Now we have 14 full time, two part time, and the expenses are over a million dollars a year," said Armstrong.

"We decided there were a few things that needed to be changed if we were going to go on. We definitely are not going by the original interlocal agreement that was setup in 1993. So, a lot of things have changed," said Greer.

Currently the city pays for almost all of the service, and the county pays for nothing.

The county has offered to pay for part of it, and both sides want to get to work on a new agreement soon.

Current 911 services for barren county residents will not be affected.

City officials say they want to make sure it's working equally for everyone in the county.

Greer says a board made up of representatives for those involved will meet later this month... Where they will discuss taking steps toward a new agreement.

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