Glasgow Residents Say Mosquitoes Are Big Problem

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It's a quiet neighborhood road in Glasgow, but something has got these residents abuzz.

"Oh, they eat you up, every time you turn around there is a mosquito on you," said resident Ruby Emberton.

"I came out to have a cup of coffee one morning, and I had them all over me in minutes, and they were even landing in my coffee," said resident Sherri Myers.

Several residents in one Glasgow neighborhood are fed up in dealing with these bugs.

"We've been infested with mosquitoes for years, and it's gotten progressively worse every year. Our kids can't even play outside without getting hundreds of bites." said Myers.

Within a matter of seconds of standing in Myer's backyard, you could have two or three on your arm.

They say it's because of a nearby tire company BR Tire.

They say the mosquitoes breed in standing water in the hundreds of tires behind the business, then infest the neighborhood.

BR Tire did not have an available representative for a camera interview, but did say they regularly use a big mosquito sprayer on the tires, and are in compliance with state guidelines.

Emberton and her husband have lived here for forty years, and just recently built a screened-in porch on their carport because of the insects.

"We like to sit out here on the carport and eat our breakfast, and we couldn't because the mosquitoes would eat us up. They get in our food, all over us. We just couldn't sit out here, we couldn't enjoy it," said Emberton.

Many said BR tires recently sprayed and was working on the problem, but they just want to see the problem permanently resolved.

Residents say they contacted the health department, which referred them to the EPA.

Now, the EPA said they've received the complaint and it is an open case.

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