"God and Country" Service Honors War Veterans

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Today the Lakeview Fellowship Church held a special service to honor the men and women who have served our country.

The "God and Country" service was a way to honor veterans, active duty members, and especially those who served in World War II.

After the recent death of his father, who served in WWII, Pastor Dave Thomas felt the need to honor those who sacrificed so much for their country.

"They're our heroes and it's time for us to do something to honor these great men and women who served in World War II," says Thomas.

Hymns were sung and speeches made to thank the members of the "Greatest Generation," a population getting smaller by the day.

"The attitudes they had about sacrifice and appreciation for their country. I think they understand things of virtue and honor,"says Thomas.

"We're losing over 1,000 WWII veterans a day just of old age and Vietnam veterans were losing over 1,500 a day as time goes on," says Malcolm Cherry, who served in the Vietnam War.

Fred Farmer a member of the army during WWII served in India and China, known as the longest supply route during WWII.

"I can't say I enjoyed any of it at the time but I enjoyed what I did after it was over with. I learned a lot, and it made me more proud of my country," says Farmer.

He was surprised to receive another medal today in honor of his service.

"I thought all my medals was given to me back when I left the army but I didn't know this was coming. I appreciated it," says Farmer.

"I always think of things I've been through in my time and overseas and I know it's nothing compared to what they've been through and to have that honor it felt amazing," says David Gunther, a member of the army who awarded the veterans their medals.

Farmer thanks those who still fight for freedom as he once did.

"I'm proud to have good men still serving our country and willing to fight for it."

The service featured special music including a performance of God Bless America by a World War II veteran and the playing of Taps to honor those who have died.

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