Gov. Beshear Gives Time line on Airport Funding

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Governor Steve Beshear, D-Kentucky was in Bowling Green Wednesday for an economic development announcement, but we were able to talk to him about other topics including getting money in Bowling Green for commercial airline service.

Lawmakers passed the funding to complete a financial package for airlines during this year's legislative session, but Gov. Beshear vetoed the project.

Beshear said it was taken out to help take care of about 50 airports across the Commonwealth.

Beshear did say he's still working with local officials on this project.

"I line item vetoed it just so we would have flexibility in looking at every project and making sure what our priorities ought to be. I'm working with the local officials here, and I think we're just a few weeks away from making some decisions so that we can get some movement there," said Beshear.

Potential destinations for airline service include Atlanta and Chicago.

Airport officials say airlines are wary of new unproven markets and require greater financial security.

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