Government Shutdown Impacts Edmonson County Schools

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EDMONSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Falls colors are out at Mammoth Cave National Park, but they are joined by more orange this year with caution tape. The park remains closed for a third week. Its had an impact on local business and is now trickling down to education.

"We were planning a trip to Mammoth Cave and we were going to use that for our curriculum based in science and in our reading class we were going to use that for on demand projects," says Andrea Webb.

Andrea Webb is a first year teacher in Edmonson County. Her dreams of educating students at the roaring caves came to an end when the government shutdown. It's also having an impact on her own education at Western Kentucky University.

"You have to have one type of leadership project and this was my leadership project, it was to plan this field trip and talk to the kids about the curriculum that Mammoth Cave has to offer," says Webb.

Now, Webb and her students wait for action in Washington. The National Park Service says when the government is back, parks will soon follow.

"For instance, if we got that direction today at 5:00 our expectation is that parks would be open for business again tomorrow morning whenever there regular schedule is," says Public Information Specialist for the National Park Service, Mary Ann Mills.

Until that time, Andrea Sebb is using the shutdown as a lesson plan.

"The kids are learning first hand kinda how the government effects them and can effect them so it's been a really good learning experience for them. I hate that everyone is having to go through this, but the students have taken a lot from this and they have gained a lot of knowledge about how our government works," says Webb.

No matter when the park reopens, Webb says students will be taking their trip.

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