Governor Beshear Announces Expansion of Kobe Aluminum

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The unemployment rate may go down a little more after today's announcement that Kobe Aluminum will be expanding and starting a new production line, creating around 15 more jobs in Bowling Green. Governor Beshear says this is proof that the statistics on job growth are real.

"Last year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Kentucky is the second fastest growing state in the whole country in terms of job growth," said Gov. Steve Beshear.

With the company having Japanese roots, Beshear says Kobe is one of 420 foreign businesses in Kentucky, businesses that believe the state has something no one else does. Kobe says they do.

"This is the only facility in this country that forges this size aluminum components... we have large equipment that is capable of forging aluminum of this size," said Victor Steele, Kobe Aluminum Plant Manager.

They offer an environment Nashville's Consul-general of Japan says is good for business.

"It's a fantastic factory. So much of the latest equipment... so many wonderful people working hard... generating wonderful employment, and at the same time, transferring the technology to other American companies," said Consul-general of Japan Motohiko Kato.

One of the strongest relationships between Japan and the U.S. is in Kentucky. Governor Beshear says the state has the second highest Japanese foreign direct investment in America.
Kobe already has more than 200 employees, but this new $11 million investment will bring those new jobs in by next August.

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